Automation Parameters

This table lists all the Automation Triggers and their three-letter IDs.

AOCVoice A: Oscillator Coarse Offset
AOFVoice A: Oscillator Fine Offset
AODVoice A: Oscillator Distortion Time
ALDVoice A: LFO Delay/Mode
ALSVoice A: LFO Speed
ALDVoice A: LFO Depth
AAVVoice A: Amplitude Volume/Curve
AAEVoice A: Amplitude Envelope
AAHVoice A: Amplitude Hold Time
AP0Voice A: Duty Pulsewidth 0
AP1Voice A: Duty Pulsewidth 1
BOCVoice B: Oscillator Coarse Offset
BOFVoice B: Oscillator Fine Offset
BODVoice B: Oscillator Distortion Time
BLDVoice B: LFO Delay/Mode
BLSVoice B: LFO Speed
BLDVoice B: LFO Depth
BAVVoice B: Amplitude Volume/Curve
BAEVoice B: Amplitude Envelope
BAHVoice B: Amplitude Hold Time
BP0Voice B: Duty Pulsewidth 0
BP1Voice B: Duty Pulsewidth 1
COCVoice C: Oscillator Coarse Offset
COFVoice C: Oscillator Fine Offset
CLDVoice C: LFO Delay/Mode
CLSVoice C: LFO Speed
CLDVoice C: LFO Depth
CAPVoice C: Voice Pulse
CATVoice C: Voice Hold Time
DOCVoice D: Oscillator Coarse Offset
DLDVoice D: LFO Delay/Mode
DLSVoice D: LFO Speed
DLDVoice D: LFO Depth
DAVVoice D: Amplitude Volume/Curve
DAEVoice D: Amplitude Envelope
DAHVoice D: Amplitude Hold Time
ESMVoice E: Sample Number
ESTVoice E: Sample Start Offset
EENVoice E: Sample End Offset
EPTVoice E: Sample Pitch
ELPVoice E: Sample Loop

Multi-Parameter Automation

This table lists the special-function Multi-Parameter Automation IDs and their function. These parameters (that all begin with 'M', for 'multi'), can send a value from one Trigger (Tx) in a Phrase to multiple Drum Parameters. For example, MAV is able to send a value to the Volume/Curve parameter for Voice A, B and D of a Drum simultaneously.

MLDVoice ABC : LFO Delay/Mode
MLSVoice ABC : LFO Speed
MLWVoice ABC : LFO Width
MAVVoice ABD : Amplitude Volume/Curve
MAEVoice ABD : Amplitude Envelope
MAHVoice ABCD: Amplitude Hold Time