Advanced Controls 2 - Object Navigation

To change the focused Track from within any editor pagehold SELECT+B then tap L/R
To traverse Song/Chain from within Chain/Pattern editorhold SELECT+B then tap U/D
To scroll through all Objects in editor pagehold SELECT then tap U/D
Change Focused Track From Any Editor Page

The Chain and Pattern commands will normally display data related to the last Track your cursor was on in the Song page. However, with this function it is possible to change the current Track focus from within the Chain and Pattern pages.

Traverse Song/Chain From Chain/Pattern Editor

In the Chain and Pattern editors, you can navigate up/down the parent object. The parent object of a Chain is a Track. The parent object of a Pattern is a Chain.

In the case of the Chain editor, using this control will navigate up/down the currently focused track. For the Pattern editor, using this control will navigate up/down the current Chain.

Scroll Through All Objects In Editor Page

In addition to the Traverse function, you can also numerically navigate through all available objects within each editor page using this function.