Advanced Controls 4 - Copy and Paste

It is possible to copy whole or part of certain Pulsar objects; Chains, Patterns, Instruments*1, Drumkits, Tables, Duty Tables, MultiFx and Speed Tables.

I wanted to come up with a method that was fast and immediate without the need for complicated controls to mark blocks of data. It's not an ideal system but it is really useful.

To copy whole or part of an objectput the cursor on the first row of the object you wish to copy, hold SELECT then tap LEFT
To paste data from the Copy Buffer into an objectput the cursor on the destination row, hold SELECT then tap RIGHT
Copy And Paste Explained

When you copy data to the copy buffer, data FROM the row the cursor is on to the END of the current object is copied. e.g. putting the cursor on step 07 of a Pattern will copy rows 07,08,09,0A,0B,0C,0D,0E and 0F to the copy buffer.

The copy buffer status (bottom right of Pulsar's screen) is then updated to show you what you've just copied. e.g. PAT:00:07 means you copied data from Pattern 00, row 07 (to the end of the Pattern).

When you come to paste the data, the data in the destination object will be overwritten by the data in the copy buffer but only as much as either the length of the copy buffer data or until the paste operation would exceed the limits of the destination object.

For example, (using the example above as the copy buffer) putting the cursor on row 0B of a Pattern and pasting the data from the copy buffer will overwrite step 0B,0C,0D,0E and 0F of the destination pattern with the first 5 rows of the copy buffer contents.

Object Types

The 3 letter codes to indicate the type of data in the copy buffer are fairly self-explanatory but just in case, here's a list.

CHN - Chain
PAT - Pattern
INS - Instrument
DRM - Drumkit
TAB - Table
DUT - Duty Table
MFX - MultiFX
SPD - Speed Table

Pulsar won't allow you to mix data. For example if you copy Pattern data into the copy buffer, you can only paste it into a Pattern. Attempting to paste data into an object of a different type will give you an error message.

*1 It's only possible to copy whole Instruments, copying part of an Instrument does not work.