Advanced Controls 5 - Block Transpose and Smart Transpose

In the Pattern, Table and MultiFX (MFX) editor pages there is an additional control to modify multiple values in a column simultaneously.

There are two modes (accessed via two different key combinations);

Block Transpose : every value in the column is modified.

Smart Transpose : only values in the current column that match the value under the cursor are modified.

Every column in a Pattern, Table or MultiFX can be modified this way.

To Block Transpose all values in a columnwith the cursor anywhere in the required column, hold A+SELECT then tap L/R
To Smart Transpose all values in a columnput the cursor on a value that you wish to modify, hold A+SELECT then tap U/D
Block and Smart Transpose Explained

Note : Both these functions have very little in the way of range checking or error checking of the modified values and there no undo so use with caution!

It is very possible and very easy to flatten the values you are modifying, even when using Smart Transpose. What do I mean by 'flatten'?

Consider the following hypothetical (part of a) Pattern;

00 C 4 -- ---
01 --- -- ---
02 C 4 -- ---
03 --- -- ---
04 A 4 -- ---
05 --- -- ---
06 A 4 -- ---
07 --- -- ---

If you put the cursor on one of the C 4 notes then use the Smart Transpose to modify the pitch upwards, the pitch of these notes will change but leave the A 4 notes unmodified.

However, eventually, the C 4 notes will become A 4 (if you transpose them high enough). At this point if you continue to use Smart Transpose, all four notes will start to be transposed because they all now match (A 4).