Basic Controls

To move around editor pages *1tap U (up), D (down), L (left) or R (right). You can also hold down the control to move rapidly and quickly in one direction.
To jump to a specific editor page *2with cursor on specific parameter, tap B
To jump to any editor pagehold B then tap D. While still holding B use U/D to highlight the desired page then release B
To jump back to previous editor pagehold B then tap L
To goto Setup/Utility pagehold B then tap U
To modify a valuehold A then tap L/R to decrease/increase the value by 1 or U/D to increase/decrease the value by a bigger amount.*3 You can also hold the control to rapidly and automatically increase/decrease a value.
To "erase" a valuehold SELECT then tap B
To quickly enter last value again *4tap A
To play the current Song from the start *5hold SELECT then tap START
To stop the current Songwhile the Song is playing, tap START
Basic Control Notes
*1 If the contents of an editor page exceeds the display limits, little green arrows will appear at the bottom-right of the editing window showing you the directions that the page can scroll.
*2 All of these shortcut jumps are listed in the section : "Context Navigation".
*3 Generally numbers will be increased/decreased by 10. Notes and transpose values will be increased/decreased by 0C (one octave).
*4 Mostly the last-entered-value is stored on a per-column basis so that using this feature always enters relevant/valid values.
*5 There are other ways to play your Song depending on context - see "Context Playback" - but this is the control that always plays all tracks from the first step of the Song on any editor page.