Commands A - E

Axx Run Table ABCDE Pattern/Table

Table number specified by command value xx.

It's possible to run a Table from within another table however:

  • execution of Table will transfer to the new table.
  • if a Axx command is specified in the CM1 column, CM2 won't be processed as the execution of the new Table will begin immediately.

Bxx Select Vibrato ABC-- Pattern/Table

Sets the Vibrato program, xx is index into Vibrato List

Cxy Play Arpeggio 'Chord' ABCD- Pattern/Table

Play triad arpeggio for duration of note. Original note is root while 1st (X) and 2nd (Y) digits of the command value are the 2nd and 3rd notes of 'chord'.

Note: arpeggio speed controlled by PSWEEP-Q value of current Instrument. The higher the PSWEEP-Q value, the faster the arpeggio cycles.

Dxx Delay Note ABCDE Pattern

When placed on the same Pattern step as a note, the starting of the note will be delayed by xx ticks. If a new note is encountered before the number of ticks has passed the delayed note will be cancelled.

Exx Select ADSR Envelope AB-D- Pattern/Table

Selects an ADSR Envelope from the Envelope List. xx is the desired Envelope number.

Track E: when used on Track E, this command sets the End Offset (EN) for the sample.