Navigating Between Pages

The only four pages you can 'freely' navigate between are Song, Chain, Pattern & Instrument (or Drumkit if the current Track is Track E). While on any of these pages you can move between them with B + RIGHT (to go forward) and B + LEFT (to go back).

Apart from using the Navigation Menu , the only way to access all the other editor pages is via Context Navigation.

Context Navigation

As mentioned in Basic Controls, the core of Pulsar's navigation is based on one context-driven key: tapping B. It's all designed to be obvious and intuitive but here's a list of the context jumps for reference.

Where appropriate, when you make the jump to a new editor page, either the object number in the editor will reflect the object number you jumped from or, in the case of list-form parameters such as the Envelope List or Echo List, your cursor will be placed on the row of the list that contains the object number you jumped from.

*1 Notice that the same context jump will jump to either the Instrument editor or the Drumkit editor depending on the current Track. Tracks A, B, C and D use Instruments whereas Track E uses Drumkits.
*2 The context jump will only work if you are specifying a Duty Table for the Duty setting of an Instrument. If you have specified a single Duty setting there is no associated Duty Table therefore the jump does nothing.